Maestro Martino Association

Maestro Martino Association has been created with the aim to highlight the historical figure of the great Renaissance cook, from Lombardy, who is considered to be the father of Italian Author's Cuisine, by creating a Milanese center devoted to Author's Cuisine with economic, cultural and tourist aspects at an international level.

The aim is to contribute to the cultural promotion of Author's Cuisine, particularly the Lombard one, and its excellent territory food products. The Association aims to highlight the extraordinary mix that defines Milan and Lombardy success, either in Italy or worldwide, which are innovation, fashion and design, historical sights and natural wonders, the culture of hospitality based on the respect of different Italian and foreign cultures, the quality of food based on an outstanding agriculture production, environmental sustainibility, the culture of solidarity, and the international aspects.

Maestro Martino Association is represented by Carlo Cracco, famous worldwide for being a protagonist of the Author's Cuisine.