Milano Gourmet Experience

Maestro Martino Association highlights and promotes the image of Lombard Author's Cuisine by developing culture initiatives - communication / P. R. events, conferences, debates, concerts, exhibitions and show performances among others - through Milano Gourmet Experience format.

Milano Gourmet Experience offers multi-sensorial itineraries, created by Chef Carlo Cracco and inspired from Maestro Martino culinary book Libro de Arte Coquinaria, a one of a kind experience, result of the combination of different enogastronomic, historical, cultural, architectural and musical aspects.

Milano Gourmet Experience format is adapted according to public or private event editors:

  • • "Kilometer Zero" menus thanks to quality enogastronomic products coming from Lombardy.
  • •  The rediscovery of Maestro Martino figure through either an enogastronomic point of view - with the revisitation of some of his recipes - or on a wider historical and cultural context.
  • •  The setting up of architectural and landscape facilities  that re-interpret - within a "multi- sensorial itinerary" made of tastes, sounds and flavours - works and traditions symbolizing the Italian Renaissance.
  • •  An accurate music selection in collaboration with some of the best artists on the national music scene.
  • •  Audiovisual productions that carefully mix territory products and excellence associated with pictures that highlight the artistic, historical, architectural and  landscaping aspects of Lombardy.